There are 19 buildings for staff accommodation, some having four floors and other six floors. 17 buildings are numbered alphabetically from A to Q while 2 buildings adjacent to Narhe campus office are not numbered. The total accommodation available is 284 dwelling units; the size varies from 1 RK about 500 sq.ft. to 3BHK about 1500 sq.ft. Total number of flats occupied are 278 and 6 are kept vacant for any unforeseen contingencies.

Residensial Quarters

a) Categories i) Staff Quarters - Available
ii) Nursing Quarters and Hostel - Available
iii) Resident Hostel - Available
b) Number i) Staff Quarters - 284 (Total Number)
ii) Nursing Quarters and Hostel - 55+15 = 70
iii) Resident & PG student’ Hostel : 137 single seater rooms, 84 double seater rooms, 24 triple seater rooms and 36 quarters for married Residents and PG students.
c) Percentage of Staff accommodated in each category
i) Teaching staff Quarters 42.76%
ii) Resident Hostel / Quarters 100%
iii) Nursing Quarters 39.25%
iv) Para-medical & Non-teaching staff Quarters 99.45%