Central Pharmacy

The Central Pharmacy is located at the ground floor of “Super Specialty Hospital” Building. Total 32 Pharmacists and 20 supportive staff work in the central Pharmacy & OPD Dispensary No. 02. Central Pharmacy & one dispensary inspected and approved by FDA Pune. Central Pharmacy offers services for 24X7 hours.

Dr. Uma Bhosale, Professor& Head Departmentof Pharmacology supervises the procurement, storage & disbursal of medicines. Dr. Sarang Deshmukh, Professor of Pharmacology assists in working of central pharmacy.Branded & generic medicines for hospital and general supply are procured in bulk, through local authorized distributors, thus reducing the cost of procurement considerably.

There are seven counters in central pharmacy; two OPD counters, two IPD counters, one for emergency, one for ICU and OT and one for return of medicines. Return of medicines and refund is done as per policy forreturn of medicines.Drug formulations received from distributors are physically checked and certified by pharmacists for storage, payment, expiry date etc.

The other is implant section which supplies the implants for OT patients. Implants are procured from distributors and supplied to patients as per requirement.

Medicines in central pharmacy are arranged alphabetically according to their Generic names as per NABH guidelines.

Narcotic drugs are procured, stored, dispensed and destroyed as per narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances Act.

Clinicians prescribing restricted antibiotics submit filled restricted antibiotics order form with justification for its use in central pharmacy. Central pharmacy dispenses restricted antibiotics only after taking microbiologists opinion and approval from HOD of Pharmacology on antibiotic order form.

Branded Medicines are dispensed with MRP; Generic medicines, surgical Items and Implants are dispensed with discounted rate.

Inventory control is carried out by adopting ABC, VED classification, LASA and FIFO system.

A total no. of 3,00,317 prescriptions were dispensed during the year 2018: OPDs 66749, IPDs 198148 and counter patients 35420 on an average 822 prescriptions were dispensed everyday.

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