National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Key Indicator 8.1 – B 1 -Medical College


List of students enrolled for the MBBS programme for the preceding academic year

NEET percentile scores of students enrolled for the MBBS programme during the preceding academic year.

Any other relevant information


Documents pertaining to quality of care and patient safety practices followed by the teaching hospital

Any other relevant information


List of fulltime teachers with additional Degrees, Diplomas such as AB, FRCS, MRCP, FAMS, FAIMER/IFME Fellowships, Ph D in Medical Education etc. during the last 5 years

Attested e-copies of certificates of postgraduate Degrees, Diplomas or Fellowships

Any other relevant information


Report on the list and steps taken by the College to measure attainment of specific clinical competencies by the MBBS students/interns stated in the undergraduate curriculum during the last five years

Geotagged photographs of the objective methods used like OSCE/OSPE

Any other relevant information


National/State level policies on organ transplantation as adopted by the Institution

Report on the teaching sessions on medical, legal, ethical and social issues involved in organ transplantation

Any other relevant information


Report on the functioning of the Immunization Clinic

Report on the teaching sessions carried out on the relevance and operational features of the Immunization clinic.

Quality maintenance records in compliance with WHO guidelines during the preceding academic year

Any other relevant information


Medical graduate attributes as described in the website of the College.

Any other relevant information


List of seminars/conferences/workshops on emerging trends in Medical Educational Technology organized by the MEU year-wise during the last five years.

Year-wise list of teachers who participated in the seminars/conferences/ workshops on emerging trends in Medical Educational technology organized by the MEU of the College during the last five years

Any other relevant information


e-copies of Certificate/s of Accreditations

Any other relevant documents


Policies documents regarding preventive immunization of students, teachers and hospital staff likely to be exposed to communicable diseases during their clinical work.

List of first year students, teachers and hospital staff, who received such immunization Year-wise during the last five years

Any other relevant information


Policy documents regarding relevant laws, insurance policies medical indemnity insurance cover for the clinical faculty

List of clinical faculty covered by medical indemnity insurance policy by the Institution

Any other relevant information