National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Governance, Leadership and Management


Vision and Mission documents approved by the College bodies

Achievements which led to Institutional excellence

Any other relevant information


Relevant information / documents

Any other relevant information


Organisational structure

Strategic Plan document(s)

Minutes of the College Council/ other relevant bodies for deployment/ deliverables of the strategic plan

Any other relevant information


Data template

Institutional budget statements allocated for the heads of E_governance implementation

e-Governance architecture document

Screen shots of user interfaces

Policy documents

Any other relevant information


Policy document on the welfare measures

List of beneficiaries of welfare measures

Any other relevant information


Details of teachers provided with financial support to attend conferences, workshops etc. during the last five years (Data Template)

Policy document on providing financial support to teachers

List of teachers provided membership fee for professional bodies

Receipts to be submitted

Any other relevant information


List of professional development / administrative training programmes organized by the Institution during the last five years and the lists of participants who attended them (Data template)

Reports of Academic Staff College or similar centers Verification of schedules of training programs

Copy of circular/ brochure/report of training program self conducted program may also be considered

Any other relevant information


AQARs for the last five years

Details of teachers who have attended FDPs during the last five years (Data Template)

E-copy of the certificate of the program attended by teacher

Days limits of program/course as prescribed by UGC/AICTE or Preferably Minimum one day programme conducted by recognised body/academic institution

Any other relevant information


Performance Appraisal System

Any other relevant information


Resource mobilization policy document duly approved by College Council/other administrative bodies

Procedures for optimal resource utilization

Any other relevant information


Documents pertaining to internal and external audits year-wise for the last five years

Any other relevant information


Audited statements of accounts for the last five years.

Copy of letter indicating the grants/funds received by respective agency as stated in metric

Provide the budget extract of audited statement towards Grants received from Government / non-government bodies, individuals, philanthropist duly certified by charteredaccountant/ Finance Officer

Information as per Data template

Any other relevant information


The structure and mechanism for Internal Quality Assurance

Minutes of the IQAC meetings.

Any other relevant information


Details of programmes/workshops/seminars specific to quality improvement attended by teachers year-wise during the last five years

List of teachers who attended programmes/workshops/seminars specific to quality improvement year-wise during the last five years

Certificate of completion/participation in programs/ workshops/seminars specific to quality improvement

Information as per Data Template

Any other relevant information


Information as per Data Template

Annual report of the College

Minutes of the IQAC meetings

Copies of AQAR

Report of the feedback from the stakeholders duly attested by the Board of Management

Report of the workshops, seminars and orientation program

Copies of the documents for accreditation

Any other relevant information