National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Student Support and Progression


Attested copies of the sanction letters from the sanctioning authorities

List of students who received scholarships/ freeships /fee-waivers

Data Template

Any other relevant information


Link to Institutional website

Details of capability enhancement and development schemes (Data Template)

Any other relevant information

Geo-tagged photographs


List of students benefited by guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling during the last five years (Data Template)

Institutional website. Web-link to particular program/scheme mentioned in the metric

Copy of circular/ brochure/report of the event/ activity report Annual report of Pre-Examination Coaching centres

Year-wise list of students attending each of these schemes signed by competent authority

Any other relevant information


For international student cell

Any other relevant information


Minutes of the meetings of student Grievance Redressal Committee and Anti-Ragging Committee/Cell

Circular/web-link/ committee report justifying the objective of the metric

Details of student grievances and action taken (Data Template)

Any other relevant information


List of students qualifying in state/ national/ international level examinations during the last five years (Data Template)

Pass Certificates of the examination

Copies of the qualifying letters of the candidate

Any other relevant information


Annual reports of Placement Cell.

Self-attested list of students placed / self-employed

Details of student placement / self-employment during the last five years (Data Template)

Any other relevant information


Supporting data for students/alumnias per data template

Details of student progression to higher education (Data Template)

Any other relevant information


Duly certified e-copies of award letters and certificates

Any other relevant information


Reports on the student council activities

Geo-tagged photographs

Any other relevant information


List of sports and cultural activities / competitions organized per year during the last five years (Data Template)

Report of the events with photographs

Any other relevant information


Registration of Alumni association.

Details of Alumni Association activities

Frequency of meetings of Alumni Association with minutes

Quantum of financial contribution

Audited statement of accounts of the Alumni Association


List of Alumni contributions made during the last 5 years

Extract of Audited statements of highlighting Alumni Association contribution

Certified statement of the contributions by the head of the Institution.

Any other relevant information