National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Infrastructure and Learning Resources


List of available teaching-learning facilities such as Classrooms, Laboratories, ICT enabled facilities including Teleconference facilities etc., mentioned above.

Geotagged photographs

Any other relevant information


List of available sports and cultural facilities

Geotagged photographs

Any other relevant information


Geo-tagged photographs of Campus facilities

Any other relevant information


Audited utilization statements(highlight relevant items)

Details of budget allocation, excluding salary during the last five years (Data Template)

Any other relevant information


The facilities as per the stipulations of the respective Regulatory Bodies with Geotagging

The list of facilities available for patient care, teaching-learning and research

Any other relevant information


Details of the teaching hospitals (attached hospital or shared hospitals after due approval by the Regulatory Council / University) where the students receive their clinical training.

Year-wise outpatient and inpatient statistics for the last 5 years

Link to hospital records / Hospital Management Information System

Any other relevant information


Detailed report of activities and list of students benefitted due to exposure to learning resource

Details of the Laboratories, Animal House & Herbal Garden

Number of UG, PG students exposed to Laboratories, Animal House & Herbal Garden(in house OR hired) per yearbased on time-table and attendance

Any other relevant information


Description of community-based Teaching Learning activities

Details of Rural and Urban Health Centers involved in Teaching Learning activities and student participation in such activities

Government Order on allotment/assignment of PHC to the institution

Any other relevant information


Geotagged photographs of library facilities

Any other relevant information


Data on acquisition of books / journals /Manuscripts / ancient books etc., in the library.

Geotagged photographs of relevant library sections

Any other relevant information


Details of subscriptions like e-journals, e-ShodhSindhu, Shodhganga Membership etc. (Data Template)

E-copy of subscription letter/member ship letter or related document with the mention of year to be submitted

Any other relevant information


Audited Statement highlighting the expenditure for purchase of books and journal / library resources.

Details of annual expenditure for the purchase of books and journals including e-journals year-wise during the last five years (Data Template)

Any other relevant information


Details of library usage by teachers and students

Details of learner sessions / Library user programmes organized

Any other relevant information


Links to documents of e-contents used

Data Template

Any other relevant information


Number of classrooms and seminar halls and demonstration rooms linked with internet /Wi-Fi-enabled ICT facilities (Data Template)

Geo-tagged photos of the facilities

Any other relevant information


Documents related to updation of IT, computer availability and Wi-Fi facilities

Any other relevant information


Details of available bandwidth of internet connection in the Institution

Bills for any one month of the last completed academic year indicating internet connection plan, speed and bandwidth

Any other relevant information


Audited statements of accounts on maintenanceofphysical facilities and academic support facilities duly certified by Chartered Accountant / Finance Officer.

Details about approved budget and expenditure on physical and academic support facilities (Data Templates)

Any other relevant information


Minutes of the meetings of the Maintenance Committee

Log book or other records regarding maintenance works

Any other relevant information

Geo-tagged photographs