Blood transfusion is an essential part of modern critical care medicine. Blood is the most precious and unique gift that one human can give to another. Blood donors are precious resources.

So in modern transfusion medicine, the process of separating blood components from whole blood is essential and made possible by the development of plastic bags. Because the blood is easily perished, component separation and administration will help us in rationalizing the use of blood.

The primary aim of component separation was to provide the right component to the right patient in the right quantity at the right time in the right quality.

Smt.Kashibai Navale General Hospital blood Centre is a licensed blood Centre located in the building number 5 on the 2nd floor. Blood Centre has an area of 3600 sq.ft. which is more than sufficient as per FDA norms,It is well equipped and having sufficient qualified technical staff.

Our monthly blood collection on average is 250 to 300units. 90% of our collection is voluntary through various voluntary blood donation camps organized by various educational institutes under STES.

Blood Centre has blood and blood component facility. We are preparing following blood components.

1. Whole Human Blood ( WB)
2. Plasma Reduced Blood (PRB)
3. Red Cell concentrate (PCV)
4. Fresh Frozen Plasma ( FFP)
5. Platelet Concentrate (RDP)

We are preparing components from 85% of the total collection. All mandatory serological tests are done on Donor’s and patient’s blood (who require transfusion)

Quality control is done on 1% of total collection.

Certificate of Renewal of Licence to operate a Blood Center

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