Sinhgad Technical Education Society's
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital

OT Complex

The Operation Theatre complex is located on 2nd floor in building no. 2 and 3rd floor in new hospital building having Operating rooms with ultra modern operative, resuscitative, and anesthetic equipment. On an average 47 surgeries are performed every day. There are two Operation theatres located in Obstetrics ward for use of Obstetrics Department. Of the two, one is major and one is minor. We have a Major and a Minor OT in the Casualty department also for emergency Surgical work. The distribution of Operation theatres is as under:

    General Surgery 4
    General Surgery Septic 1
    Orthopedics Septic 1
    Orthopedics 3
    Ophthalmology 2
    Ophthalmology Septic 1
    ENT 2
    ENT Septic 1
    Gynecology 4
    Gynecology Septic 1
    Dental 1
    Casualty Major 1
    Casualty Minor 1
    ENT OPD Minor 1
    General Surgery OPD Minor 1

The work load of the Operation theaters is as under: