Sinhgad Technical Education Society's
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital


This is one of the most important departments of the hospital, to provide life saving emergency treatment to a patient. The department is called by various names like CATS- Casualty and Trauma Services, A&E - Accident & Emergency services or Casualty Department which all mean the same i.e. this is a department functioning round the clock 24 x 7.

The Casualty department is located on ground floor of building no. 2 and has an independent entrance from all the four sides directly from the main road with an easy approach road for ambulances in close proximity with the Radio diagnosis, CCL, Casualty OT and Patient carrying lift for easy transportation of the serious patient to the services when service cannot be brought to the patient like ICU.

As has been brought out in the last report, the casualty functions as OPD also after the closure of regular OPD. The casualty department contains 40 bed viz 18 Beds for surgery trauma ,14 beds for General Medicine & Medical Department,5 beds ICU round the clock. About 40% of Patients attending the casualty are hospitalized. Number of patients admitted during the year of 2016 were 28808.