Sinhgad Technical Education Society's
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital

Blood Bank

Blood Bank is an essential part of a hospital which has to provide health care to the society. The blood is required for various reasons but basically to replenish the loss weather due to injury, surgery, inborne diseases causing haemolysis, loss due to diseases or nutritional deficiency causing less production to blood. Whatever may be the cause, the therapy with blood is an essential part of treatment. The blood may be procured from outside or one may have own blood bank affiliated to the hospital. We have a blood bank located on first floor of building no 5, spread over an area of almost 3600 sq feet. The blood bank is well staffed headed over by a professor and has adequate equipments for blood collection components separation.

The receipt of blood is by way of
        Organizing blood donation camps in various institutions, organizations and rural areas.
        Volunteers donating blood in the blood bank.

Blood is collected in Single, Double & Triple blood bag depending on the requirement.

A)Donor selection:
Haemoglobin Estimation
I) Investigation Done on Donor Blood-
1) Cell grouping
2) Serum grouping
3) Irregular antibodies
4) Haemolysin
5) Elisa Test-HIV
6) VDRL Testing
7) Malarial Parasite

II) Investigation Done On Patient Blood-
1) Cell grouping
2) Serum grouping
3) Atypical antibodies
4) Cross Matching

III) Quality Control:
We are doing 1% quality Control

A) For Blood-
1)Hb & Hct
2) Elisa-HIV,HBsAg, HCV.
4) SGPT&SGOT For Whole Blood
5) Culture

B) For FFP –
1) Factor VIII
2) Fibrinogen
3) Serum Protein

C) For PLC-
1) PLC Count
2) WBCs& RBCs Contamination
3) PH
4) Swirling Movement
5) Culture.