Sinhgad Technical Education Society's
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital

Blood Bank

Blood Bank is the vital part of modern healthcare system without which efficient medical care is Impossible. The aim of blood bank should be to provide effective blood and blood products, which should be as safe as possible, and adequate to meet patient’s need. It is also to provide a safe, sufficient and timely supply of blood and blood components to needy patients. The blood bank ensures that the procedure of blood donation is safe and causes no harm to the donor. It should built and maintain a pool of safe, voluntary, non-remunerated blood donor and take all necessary steps to ensure that the product derived from donated blood are efficacious for the patient, with a minimal risk of any infection that could be transmitted from blood transfusion.

We have a blood bank named ‘Smt. Kashibai Navale General Hospital Blood Bank’ with license number PD/44 affiliated to the hospital. It is located on the 2nd floor of building number 5 with an area of 3600sq.fts. The blood bank is well equipped with modern instruments and trained staff for blood collection, component separation and detection of transfusion transmitted diseases (TTD). The blood is collected by two methods:-

        1. Organizing voluntary blood donation camps in various campuses of Sinhgad Technical Education Society.
        2. Volunteers donate blood in the blood bank.

In our blood bank we are collecting 350ml of blood either in single, double or triple blood bag depending on the requirement of patients.

Work-up in blood bank:-

1. Donor selection:-

a. Haemoglobin Estimation
b. Age (18 to 65yrs)
c. Weight more than 45kg.

2. Investigations done on donor’s blood :-

a. Cell grouping and serum grouping
b. Atypical antibodies.
c. Hamolysin
d. ELISA test for anti HIV I and II, HBsAg and anti HCV.
f. Malarial Parasite

3. Investigations done on patient’s blood:-

a. Cell grouping and Serum grouping
b. Atypical antibodies
c. Cross matching

4. Quality Control:-

In our blood bank we are doing 1% quality control of all blood and blood products.