Sinhgad Technical Education Society's
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital

Most of the diseases are manifestations of abnormalities of molecules, chemical reactions or biochemical processes. Hence, the major objective of teaching learning Biochemistry is the complete understanding of the chemical process associated with living cells, at the molecular level. Undergraduate students of various streams such as MBBS, Nursing and Physiotherapy undergo training with emphasis on application of basic science in practice of their respective fields.

‘Biochemistry study Orientation guide’ is electronically distributed to I MBBS students which act as a tool for focused study of their textbooks. Moreover frequent formative assessments are carried out for them.

In order to stimulate learning and improve communication skills, Department of Biochemistry organised I MBBS students’ seminar on various topics of ‘Applied Biochemistry’ wherein 60 students participated as speakers and provided a positive feedback. Various postgraduate activities such as seminars, journal club, microteaching, group discussion, special lectures etc. are also conducted as part of training of M.D. in Biochemistry. In addition to medical education, the department actively supports patients care by catering to ever increasing demands for various biochemical investigations. MiniVidas immunoanalyzer is part of the well equipped endocrinology laboratory to provide various assays on patient samples.