Sinhgad Technical Education Society's
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital

The department of Anesthesia is located on 3rd floor of Building no.2 and 3rd floor of new hospital building. Anesthesia services for surgical procedures are provided in two Major OT complexes. OT complex I is located in old building and comprises of OBGY, ENT and Ophthalmology OT. In the new building OT Cmplex II is located on third floor and has provisions for major surgery, Oorthopedics and Septic OT. Anaesthesia services are provided for all surgical specialties and super specialties including Plastic, Paediatric, Urosurgery, Laparoscopic, Bariatric, Maxillofacial and Neurosurgery. Both the OT complexes are well equipped with all the latest and state of the art equipment, Anaesthesia work stations, monitors, fumigation facilities and air conditioning. There is continuous centralized supply of Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, compressed air and vacuum to all OT’s. The new liquid Oxygen plant meets the ever increasing requirement of central oxygen at various locations.

Apart from the OT complexes anaesthesia is also delivered at remote locations like MRI, CT, ECT, Paediatric Gastro –Endoscopic and Ophthalmic FFA. In 2016, Interventional radiology and catheterisation lab was inaugurated in old building. Monitored anesthesia care is provided to patients posted for angioplasty, sclerosant injections etc. done in the lab. In addition, there are minor OT tables in Casualty, Dermatology, ENT and Surgery OPDs. Pain Clinic and Pre anaesthesia clinic are running in full swing. Interventional pain procedure is done in OT under fluoroscopy and USG Guidance. The department also provides Labor Analgesia services. Round the clock emergency and resuscitation services are provided in various areas of the hospital by qualified anesthesiologists.

High risk post-operative patients are shifted to the 28 bedded SICU which is well equipped with the most modern equipment, panels, ventilators and monitors.